How Coffee and Missions is Different Than You Think


Crazy faith: What God did in my DTS

A day on Outreach in Thailand

The rooster's crow pulls me out of my sleep and, despite the stereotype, I am convinced that this animal never seems to realize what time of day it truly is. My suspicions in the rooster's incompetence are confirmed as I open my eyes and see the...

Why I decided to do a School of Biblical studies

"I got to see a whole new side of God that I never knew existed."

What if college is not for you?


So I am sitting at my computer late in the night filling out college applications online, trying to decide on the right degree plan and which scholarship programs I might be eligible for. Tidal waves of indecision and doubt seem to hit me every...

What is YWAM?


How do I fundraise for DTS?


So, you wanna come do a Discipleship Training School. That’s awesome! We are seriously stoked to have you come and we can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you! Or maybe you want to do a DTS but you can’t help but think: “Yep, I’m...

A Day in the Life of a DTS Student

The crisp air brushes my face as I swiftly walk to the white house on the other side of the base. Grimerud is a YWAM base tucked away in the beautiful farm land of Southeastern Norway. It is here that God led me to move across the world and do my...

How I said Yes to God over and over again until it led to missions


 Think back to the first moment you realized Jesus was real, that first moment when you knew your life was changed forever. You were so full of passion, vision and focus. Everything about your life, both the good and the bad, suddenly made...

What if Jesus is way better than you thought?


Do you ever have that feeling there has gotta be more to life? As a christian I think use to believe I have the answer. You know...its Jesus. Jesus is the answer. And while that is 100% true, I don't really act like it...and to be gut-level...

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