A day on Outreach in Thailand

The rooster's crow pulls me out of my sleep and, despite the stereotype, I am convinced that this animal never seems to realize what time of day it truly is. My suspicions in the rooster's incompetence are confirmed as I open my eyes and see the...

Why missions?

Why Missions?

Are you ready to respond to God's call on your life?

The idea of calling can be confusing at times to many, but to me it has been clear: I have always felt called to go. It wasn't so much of a clear voice or specific call to a nation or an organization, but a stirring in my heart. I just couldn't...

You Don’t Need to be “Called” to Go.

I have struggled with the idea of “calling” for a long time. “Calling” was a rather mysterious thing to me. People seemed to be “called” in the Bible very specifically and almost easily. God shows up, gives a dramatic life calling with some...

Why I decided to do a DTS.

 I was eighteen. I was about to graduate high school. And I had no idea what I wanted to do next.

I was taking all these huge tests to get into college, sending in applications and visiting places trying to decide what the next chapter of my life...

Testimony - God opens a way for those without hope

Malin is one of our field workers in Central Asia. Together with a handful others she works with the education of women and training of their teachers. In this area it is extremely difficult for women to be educated, since they are only allowed...


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