Crazy faith: What God did in my DTS

Longing to see Norwegian youth come to know Jesus!


What if college is not for you?


So I am sitting at my computer late in the night filling out college applications online, trying to decide on the right degree plan and which scholarship programs I might be eligible for. Tidal waves of indecision and doubt seem to hit me every...

What is YWAM?


A Day in the Life of a DTS Student

The crisp air brushes my face as I swiftly walk to the white house on the other side of the base. Grimerud is a YWAM base tucked away in the beautiful farm land of Southeastern Norway. It is here that God led me to move across the world and do my...

Are you ready to respond to God's call on your life?

The idea of calling can be confusing at times to many, but to me it has been clear: I have always felt called to go. It wasn't so much of a clear voice or specific call to a nation or an organization, but a stirring in my heart. I just couldn't...

How I Chose to do a Discipleship Training School Abroad


Making a big decision isn't easy. What if I am wrong? What if what I end up doing is something I'll regret? 

When I was trying to decide to do a Discipleship Training School in Norway, I had a lot of doubts and questions in my mind. There is a...

You Don’t Need to be “Called” to Go.

I have struggled with the idea of “calling” for a long time. “Calling” was a rather mysterious thing to me. People seemed to be “called” in the Bible very specifically and almost easily. God shows up, gives a dramatic life calling with some...

6 things to know before fundraising for missions.

When I submitted my application to come and do a Discipleship Training School with YWAM I didn't have money I needed to come for the school. I didn't have a savings fund with half the money, I had nothing. I was going to need to fundraise it all....

Why I decided to do a DTS.

 I was eighteen. I was about to graduate high school. And I had no idea what I wanted to do next.

I was taking all these huge tests to get into college, sending in applications and visiting places trying to decide what the next chapter of my life...

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