What drew me to do a SBS

After giving my life to God I was filled with a desire to know Him more. I had done a DTS and I knew that I desperately longed to continue going after God. I had started to experience who He is and learning about Him, but that was just the...

Why I didn't want to die for Jesus

I was not one of those Sunday school kids that felt "called" to be a missionary in Africa. I read the Matthew 28:19 about "going" to the nations, but I just thought that was for special christians who were hyper spiritual and crazy fearless. I...

When worship became a place I call home

Worshipping God is something my family always did as I was growing up. There is just something about music that has always captured my imagination and emotions. My brothers, sister, my cousins and myself would sing together just for fun of it...

You Don’t Need to be “Called” to Go.

I have struggled with the idea of “calling” for a long time. “Calling” was a rather mysterious thing to me. People seemed to be “called” in the Bible very specifically and almost easily. God shows up, gives a dramatic life calling with some...

6 things to know before fundraising for missions.

When I submitted my application to come and do a Discipleship Training School with YWAM I didn't have money I needed to come for the school. I didn't have a savings fund with half the money, I had nothing. I was going to need to fundraise it all....

Why I decided to do a DTS.

 I was eighteen. I was about to graduate high school. And I had no idea what I wanted to do next.

I was taking all these huge tests to get into college, sending in applications and visiting places trying to decide what the next chapter of my life...

How fear almost kept me from missions


I've struggled with fear most of my life. I've worried about what others thought of me, of getting sick, of freak accidents, of getting good grades in school, of speaking on stage, of getting bills paid and you know, the list goes on. But when...

Top 10 Reasons to do a DTS at YWAM Grimerud

1. Community

You will find lifetime best friends. DTS is seriously the best place to connect deeply with great people.

Is There Hope for Justice?

We do justice because justice is rooted in the character of God and thus must reflect in the character of His followers.

//Eugene Cho

I am sure we have all found ourselves reading or watching the news, being overwhelmed by all the injustice we...

Testimony - God opens a way for those without hope

Malin is one of our field workers in Central Asia. Together with a handful others she works with the education of women and training of their teachers. In this area it is extremely difficult for women to be educated, since they are only allowed...


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